Build secure containers faster

Remove vulnerabilities and reduce risk — no new code required.


Continuous software supply chain
security for containers

Security Outcomes

Remove vulnerabilities automatically

Secure your containers by automatically finding and reducing vulnerabilities in your software from containerized apps before shipping to production.

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Reduce attack surface

Mitigate risk and better manage your fleet of containers. Use the Slim Platform to harden and optimize the containers in your workflow. Gain insights into what’s actually in your containers with deep container analysis of layers, packages and metadata.

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Automate for continuous security

Automate the Slim Platform into your CI/CD pipeline with seamless integrations that allow you to take the manual work out of managing your security risks.

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All the security tools developers need

Container security from the developer’s desktop through your pipelines to production. Use Vulnerability Diff to compare the risk factor in different containers, make decisions on base images, understand vulnerability changes, and share the results of vulnerability analysis with your team.

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We speak your language

Get started with our `Hello World` examples in your favorite language. These Slim Starter Kits are templates to create your application in any framework or language.

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“Regardless of the project, we have the same core problem: Get code to production more quickly. Slim.AI allowed our developers to stand up microservices without being experts in containers or pipelines. We can offload a lot of that complexity to Slim and let developers focus on quickly building production-ready services.”
Chris Hope | Principal Engineer at PaymentWorks


  • Reduce DevOps overhead managing containers and artifacts
  • Speed up test pipelines, reducing time to deployment
  • Automate “slimmed” workflows in CI/CD
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Container Intelligence

Get insights into public containers to see vulnerabilities, image construction, and package details. Understand the security posture and developer friendliness of any image.