Remove vulnerabilities faster

Mitigate vulnerabilities in minutes

Quickly prioritize exploitable risks with Slim’s proprietary reachability analysis. Automatically remove vulnerabilities from your containers.

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Compliance and policy needs met

Continuously monitor new threats in real-time and establish policies to enforce best practices with clear lines of ownership and accountability.

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Constantly monitor and analyze your risk

We analyze and secure millions of containers a year and can start your team down the road to “Vuln0” in minutes.

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How Slim’s Platform Works


Container Composition Intelligence

Reduce your security risk by conducting deep analysis of your own containers and the security posture of the most commonly used public containers. Gain consistent visibility and insights on the layers, packages, and metadata you run every day with container composition analysis. Know what’s in your infrastructure and generate SBOMs for any container.

PaymentWorks leveraged Slim to speed up developer adoption of containers and give technology leadership insight into the containers, base images, files, packages, and potential threats in their system.

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Automated Security — Every Build

Increase developer velocity using all of the tools your team already loves. Connect your CI/CD and use the systems, software and base images that your team prefers. Jit worked with Slim to implement DevOps best practice allowing their team to remove the burden of manual vulnerability remediation from their work flow. Automating container hardening in CI/CD saves Jit hundreds of developer hours annually.

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Compliance Out of the Box

Slim makes it easy to adhere to industry best practices like SLSA and GUAC and provides the reporting now being required by state and Federal governments. Easily and securely share proof of your vulnerability remediation efforts with customers, auditors, and internal stakeholders.

BigID uses Slim’s one-of-a-kind “vulnerability burndown” charts to show their highly regulated customers that they take security seriously.

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How Slim Works

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