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{ optimize_container (automatic=TRUE); }
Download and install our cli app to evaluate and optimize your Docker containers. Create smaller, faster, more secure containers quickly.
1. Evaluate Containers
Understand Docker container layers, packages, and files using the XRAY command.
2. Optimize Containers
Automatically reduce container image size (typically 10X-30X) using the BUILD command.
3. Secure Containers
Eliminate vulnerabilities, shrink risk surface. Auto-generate Seccomp and AppArmor profiles.

Analyze & Understand

  • Evaluate containers using combinations of run-time and static container analysis
  • Explore container layers, files, instructions and Dockerfile composition
  • Observe and understand how your containers are constructed and run

Optimize & Validate

  • Testing and probing capabilities stimulate container behavior during analysis
  • Intelligently remove unnecessary files, executables and packages by observing container run-time behavior
  • Build functionally equivalent minified containers that deploy and load faster

Harden & Control

  • Speed up image hardening by removing unnecessary libraries and files
  • Shrink the container attack surface and eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Generate AppArmor and Seccomp profiles based on container run-time behavior analysis

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