Announcement: Slim.AI Advisory Team

Developer advocates join our mission

We all know that you can't change the world alone. At Slim.AI, we are fortunate to draw on a talented group of advisors who are helping us grow. Today, we made public the Slim.AI Advisory Team, a group of developer advocates and cloud industry experts who share our passion for helping developers build and ship cloud-native apps.

"Slim.AI is building a suite of tools that have only been available to internal teams at large tech firms to date," says Tapasvi Moturu, Vice President and Chief Architect for Core Platform at Inuit. "We have so much to do in the digital transformation era, it is critical that every developer is productive."

Our advisors join product team meetings, take part in engineering demos, help develop content, and frequently come by Slim.AI's Twitch channel (opens new window) to discuss topics like developer experience, team culture, and modern software development at scale.

"I love that Slim.AI is building on top of the well-established DockerSlim (opens new window) project," says Ellen Chisa, who co-founded the Dark programming language. "And not just to make containers smaller, but to allow developers to really understand what's going on inside their cloud-native apps."

As a company founded on open-source principles and powered by the DockerSlim open-source project, it is critical to work with advisors who understand what developers go through on a day-to-day basis.

"We’re happy so many incredible technology professionals are as excited about our vision as we are," said Slim.AI CEO John Amaral. "We want to change the way developers create cloud-native applications, and this group has the right blend of skills and experience to help us succeed.”

Read the full press release here. (opens new window)

Our advisors are:

  1. Kelsey Hightower, strong open-source advocate focused on building simple tools that make people smile and demystifying complex technologies.
  2. Geva Solomonovich, CTO, Global Alliances, for Snyk. Solomonovich’s experience spans from Fortune 500 companies to building startups from scratch, including building Snyk from a 10 person company to a multi billion dollar “dev first” security company, and FraudSciences which was acquired by PayPal and featured as the headline story in the book "Start-Up Nation.” He brings a passion for intersecting business and technology, and for building ties and partnerships in the DevOps ecosystem.
  3. Kit Merker, COO of Nobl9. Merker has been involved in cloud native, DevOps, and enterprise software for over two decades. He has taken a community-driven approach to adoption as part of the Kubernetes project, SRE Meetup, and SLOconf.
  4. Ellen Chisa is a founder, angel investor, and engineer. She co-founded Dark, a programming language coupled to its editor and infrastructure. She is currently founder in residence at boldstart Ventures.
  5. Tapasvi Moturu, Vice president, Fellow Engineer and Chief architect for Core Platform at Intuit. He is well known to have designed the micro front-end platform at Intuit, which has dramatically improved productivity and fostered innovation. Tapasvi brings an end to end solution mindset and leads development across application, services, persistence, big data & site reliability.
  6. Brendan O’Leary, senior developer evangelist for GitLab and member of the governing board of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). O’Leary interacts with developers across the globe and at conferences as well as online and co-creates with the open-source community on the most impactful projects in the ecosystem.
  7. Martin (Marty) Brodbeck, CTO for Priceline. Throughout his career, Brodbeck has led companies through mobile, cloud, big data, cyber security, infrastructure, content and product engineering changes that have driven new revenue, costs-savings and productivity gains across enterprise companies.
  8. Ambrosia Vertesi is a people and operations executive responsible for the people and cultural growth at hyper growth scale for organizations like Hootsuite and Duo Security. She is also the co-founder of HR Open Source, a global practitioner community dedicated to open sourcing future of work strategies. Currently, she is the Operating Partner at Operator Collective, a VC fund dedicated to investing and accelerating tech companies run by founders with diverse backgrounds.
  9. Dheeraj Khanna, cloud engineering and security leader and a former vice president of cloud engineering and product security at Tenable. Khanna is a highly technical, adaptable and detail-oriented executive with 15+ years of IT experience with a recent focus on SaaS, SRE and DevOps management.
  10. Biswa Panda, vice president of engineering at Exabeam, leading the engineering team for the Security Analytics product. Panda previously was the head of engineering for Cisco’s Cloud Security business unit, leading a high growth business in the cybersecurity space in a corporate startup environment. He was leading the development of a cloud-native SaaS service to help customers transition from traditional on-prem security into a cloud delivered SaaS model.
  11. Rachael McCarthy, a leading strategic business advisor for high growth technology companies. McCarthy was previously the CFO of CloudLock Inc., acquired by Cisco Cloud Security. To her role, McCarthy brings over 25 years of experience advising and working with high growth technology companies in various leadership roles, including board member, business advisor, CFO, general counsel and vice president of business development.
  12. Jono Bacon is a leading community and collaboration strategy consultant, author and speaker who has partnered to guide and build powerful, productive communities and teams. In addition to Slim.AI, he is an advisor and investor at Coda, Mautic, AlienVault, Commsor, Moltin, HackerOne and Underscore.VC
Announcement: Slim.AI Advisory Team
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