Improving the Developer Experience When Adopting Cloud-Native Best Practices

PaymentWorks Case Study
Josh Viney
Oct 12, 2021

Download the full case study here.

How do you de-mystify working with containers for your developers, while at the same time maintaining developer velocity, adhering top-end security and compliance processes, and shipping well-tested features to production in a timely manner?

It's a tall order, and a common one. It was the challenge facing the platform team at PaymentWorks, an enterprise payments security platform founded in 2014 with a mission to mitigate the risks inherent in B2B payments.

“In moving to a cloud-native approach, I’ve seen teams struggle to even do simple things like version control, labeling, and tracking the history of containers and artifacts,” says Matias Elgart, VP, Platform Engineering for PaymentWorks. “These problems had been solved in the source code world through Git, but still present challenges in the containerized world.”

PaymentWorks teamed up with Slim.AI to simplify their container management processes and better track containers being used in test and production.

To find out how, download our case study here (free, registration required).

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