Slim.AI Announces KubeCon+CloudNativeCon `21 Schedule

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We're excited to be a "startup" level sponsor for this year's KubeCon + CloudNative Con. We're taking a hybrid approach to this year's events, with virtual events streaming on our Twitch Channel, along with in-booth meetups, live office hours in our virtual booth, and plenty of chatter in our Discord.

The highlight of the show for us is Co-Founder and CTO Kyle Quest, creator of the popular DockerSlim open source project, joining experts from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and RedHat, among others, during a full day of sessions at Cloud Native eBPF Day North America, an event dedicated to this revolutionary Linux technology.

In addition, Ayse Kaya, Slim.AI’s Senior Director of Strategy and Analytics, will discuss her findings in a report on the “Top 100 Public Containers”, available for download starting Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we will release details of a forthcoming case study showcasing how teams can use the platform to speed their development. And Friday, Head of Product Josh Viney will talk about the company's future in helping solve developer's challenges in shipping cloud-native apps. The events take place daily at 11am PDT on the Slim.AI Twitch channel.

In-Person At Booth SU5

KubeCon in-person attendees can visit Slim.AI at the Slim.AI booth SU5.

Slim.AI staff will be on hand to to provide the following:

  • Live demos of the Slim.AI SaaS platform
  • Early Access beta sign-ups
  • T-Shirt and Sticker Giveaways
  • Design Partnership discussions for qualified teams

Hybrid Event Schedule

Building Cloud-Native from the Ground Up: A Case Study

Tuesday Oct 12, 2021 - 11am PDT

Join us as we reveal how a leading enterprise payments solution leveraged the Slim platform to improve the developer experience for their team as they modernized their developer platform. We’ll be joined by the principal engineers and DevOps leaders who co-developed the solution to talk through the challenges they were facing in modern cloud infrastructure, and show how Slim helped them make their developers more productive.

We Analyzed the Top 100 Most Impactful Public Containers -- Here’s What We Found

Wednesday Oct 12, 2021 - 11am PDT

Senior Director of Strategy and Analytics Ayse Kaya will share her deep-dive analysis into the Top 100 Most Impactful containers. Kaya used the Slim.AI toolset along with standard opensource tools to get a deep understanding of the containers that make up the majority of modern development from the perspective of developer-experience and production-readiness.

Ask Us Anything

Thursday Oct 14, 2021 - 11am PDT

AMA with the Slim.AI team about containers, cloud-native, what we're building, and what trends we're seeing in container usage, usability, and security.

Slim.AI: The Road Ahead

Friday Oct 15, 2021 - 11am PDT

Head of Product Josh Viney joins Martin Wimpress as they discuss the roadmap for Slim.AI and what’s coming near and long term. Josh talks about the problems Slim.AI is trying to solve for developers, and how DockerSlim, the Slim SaaS, and future improvements will help support that mission. Q&A to follow.

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