Growth and Gratitude: Series A Announcement

Sincere thanks to our community of developers and early adopters.
John Amaral
Jan 26, 2022

We are so excited to be sharing the news of our $31M Series A financing led by Insight Partners and StepStone Group with participation by boldstart Ventures, Decibel Partners, FXP, Knollwood and TechAviv Founder Partners. It’s an important milestone as it affords us the resources to continue to build value for developers and help them solve the key DevOps and Software Security challenges they face.

First, I want to thank the tens of thousands of developers who use our open-source software and SaaS platform every day. Your interaction and involvement in our community, the feedback you share, and your creative ideas for new features and tools help fuel our innovation and we are so grateful for you all.

My sincere thanks goes to our community of developers and early adopters. You made this milestone possible — and we are just getting started delivering value to you.

A very special thanks goes to all of our investors, advisors, directors and founders for their commitment and confidence in us and their unwavering support for our mission. You have helped us in so many ways. We are deeply grateful for your partnership, mentorship, and friendship. We are blessed to have such brilliant people helping us along the way.

Personally, I want to recognize my co-founders Kyle Quest (Slim.AI), Gil Zimmermann (FXP), Ron Zalkind (FXP), and Tsahy Shapsa (FXP) — and our “day-one” investors Ed Sim (boldstart Ventures), Yaron Samid (TechAviv Founder Partners), and Jon Sakoda (Decibel Partners). This is the best group of co-founders, entrepreneurs, and day-one investors imaginable and I am humbled and fortunate to be working with them every day.

Finally, I want to thank the Slim team for all their tireless and inspired work. You all rock, seriously.

I want to thank the Slim team for all their tireless and inspired work. You all rock, seriously.

When we founded Slim.AI in 2020, our goal was clear: Create technology for developers that continuously removes DevOps friction and helps them ship cloud-native applications that are production-ready and secure with confidence. It’s been incredible to see how quickly adoption and interest has spread with developers around the world.

We have always been a developer-first company, which will continue to be our north star as we grow. Developers are the folks we’ve had in focus throughout this journey. With the growing awareness and concern over software supply chain security, we think application developers are going to be at the forefront of creating well-composed, production-ready apps, and we’re here to help.

Although this is a milestone that we are excited to celebrate with you, it is by no means a moment for pause. We are so thankful for this opportunity to continue pursuing our mission with increased speed and unwavering commitment.

Keep building together,


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