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Building Culture and Growth in Teams

Tune in for a fabulous conversation (opens new window)between our Head of Culture, Jillian Hufnagel, and community strategy expert, Jono Bacon, where they dig deep into building culture and growth in teams. Here is the original post (opens new window) on Jono's site.

They discuss a wide range of topics, which include:

  • How company culture is related to workplace success
  • The fundamental elements of a great culture
  • Why and how leaders determine and define culture
  • What makes leaders and teams stay focused on their core missions
  • What friction removal really means for day-to-day businesses tasks

At Slim.AI, we strive to build a unique and highly progressive, modern, purpose-built organization where our culture, business objectives, how we work, our operation and capabilities are perfectly matched to fulfill our mission. Our mission is such that it will enable us to build an incredibly virtuous growth and value cycle for our team, our community, our products and our customers. We loved listening to Jillian & Jono going over how we are trying to achieve this mission - from theory to daily practice.

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