We give developers the power to build better cloud-native applications with less friction, complexity, and waste.

Our Mission

We're redefining how DevOps is done.

Imagine a future where you are able to build and run your cloud-native apps without getting a Ph.D in infrastructure. We're building that future, and we've only just begun.

Kyle Quest Founding CTO
John Amaral Founding CEO

Our Founders

With deep roots in cloud-based security and a history of successful startups, John and Kyle co-founded Slim.AI with a mission to empower developers to build and run their cloud-native applications easier and faster than before. Before Slim.AI, John served as Head of Product for Cisco Cloud Security. Kyle is the creator of DockerSlim, a trusted tool to optimize the containerized app development experience.

Featured Advisors

From development to engineering, our advisors work with us every day to push us to create a truly great product for developers.

Our Investors

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