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The library/golang:latest image from Docker Hub is a Programming Languages container image that is 992 MB in size. It was last updated on Nov 16, 2022. The container image is based on Debian GNU/Linux 11 and has 7 layers with 13 instructions. According to the open source vulnerability scanner Grype, it has 433 vulnerabilities and 92 are considered Critical or High.

Description: Go (golang) is a general purpose, higher-level, imperative programming language.

992 MB

Vulnerability scan summary

Vulnerabilities by risk level

Package complexity: HIGH

With 433 vulnerabilities by the Grype open source scanner, library/golang:latest has a HIGH risk profile according to our comparative analysis. Of the 433 vulnerabilities, with 92 (10.19%) are considered Critical or High.

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Image construction

Layer Size

Image complexity: MEDIUM

With 7 layers, is has MEDIUM complexity among similar public containers. The largest layer in this image is 459 MB.

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Package information

Package count by license

Package complexity: High

The library/golang:latest image contains a total of 27,196 files comprising 142 distinct licenses. Packages are provided from 3 package managers: deb, npm and python.

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