Analyze and optimize your own images

Understanding public containers is great at the start of a project or when you are upgrading from one base image to another, but most developers want to understand and optimize their own images. On the Slim Developer Platform, you can do this using Connectors.

The gist on connectors

Connectors are a secure link between external container registries (public or private) and the Slim Developer platform. This means that we authenticate you through the registries, giving the platform access to your own images so you can analyze and optimize them. Often, it is in the form of a secure API token generated via the registry's UI or command-line interface.

Currently, connectors are available through: DockerHub, Amazon Web Services Elastic Container Registry (AWS ECR), Google Container Registry (GCR), RedHat Quay, Github, DigitalOcean, Azure Container Registry (ACR), and Gitlab. With future platform releases, you can expect this list to grow.

Establish a connection to a container service

Let’s walk through an example of connecting a container service provider on the platform for accessing & using your own images. We will be authenticating with a Github account for this, but each container service listed has their own steps to ensure you have successfully linked a connector in the platform.

Navigate to the Connectors tab in the top navigation bar on the platform.

Select the Github container service option.

You will see instructions on how to generate and add your personal access token via Github.

Sign in to your Github account and navigate to your Personal Access Tokens. From there, click the Generate new token button to create a new token you’ll use for Slim. When selecting your token scopes, make sure it can:

  • write packages
  • read packages
  • delete packages

This is what you would see for the new token you’re generating to select the correct scopes on Github.

Your newly generated personal access token and your Github username will be required input in the form to establish connection to the registry.

Customize the connector name to your preference. This does not impact the ability for Slim to successfully connect to the registry.

Copy and past your Personal Access Token into the form in order to successfully create the connection.

Click Save in order to complete the connection process.

💡 The Connector ID should then appear at the bottom of the form. This ID can be utilized for interacting with the Slim CLI.

You have now successfully linked your Github account with Slim as a connector to the images you own.

View your active connectors

Once you have connected your container service provider, they will show up in a list under the Connected Registries tab.

You’ll be able to take a peak into the repositories that host your images and their image versions by clicking on the dropdown menu icons. You are also able to copy public images you find on the platform into these connectors.

The dropdown gives you access to different features we have available:

  • Adding specific image versions to your Collections
  • Navigating to their individual Container Profile pages
  • Comparing the image version to a different image
  • Hardening/optimizing the container image
  • Copying the image into a different connector (e.g. into the Slim Cloud connector)

How to remove a connection

You can permanently remove an existing connection simply by navigating to the Connectors tab in the global navigation and clicking the Trash icon for the Connector you'd like to remove. We permanently remove the connector and all related metadata, including API keys.