Software Supply Chain Security for Containers

Reduce your attack surface.
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  • Understand the software in your containers.

  • Automatically optimize your containers for security and rid them of vulnerabilities, unnecessary packages, and waste.

  • Only ship what you need. No cruft.

Know your software

Containers can be a black box. Knowing what's in your images and how they're constructed is critical to securing your software supply chain.

Lift the veil on container construction and composition. Automatically keep track of the packages, vulnerabilities, and security outlook of every image in your ecosystem.

Remove vulnerabilities

Optimizing and securing containers manually is challenging and time consuming. Integrate Slim with your CI/CD pipelines and registries to optimize your images, remove vulnerabilities, and reduce supply chain risk.

Automatically improve the security of your containers and relieve pressure on your developers, so they can focus on delivery.

Ship only what’s needed

Unnecessary code inside containers increases software configuration complexity, container attack surface, and supply chain risk.

Remove excess or risky software from containers to ensure that only the code required by your app makes it to production.

More velocity, less risk with Slim

Today’s software supply chain security requirements make delivering secure containers to production challenging. The high rate of change and lack of visibility in the open source code that we’re all using consistently introduces new vulnerabilities and threats. This results in a high friction development environment, delayed release schedule, large attack surface, and lower value for the end users overall.



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