Slim+AWS: Secure Containers at Scale

Find out how Slim can improve security and save your money on your cloud bill.

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How Customers Use Slim to Modernize on AWS

PaymentWorks sought to update its development pipeline, secure containers automatically, and increase developer velocity to gain competitive advantage.
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How Slim Integrates with AWS

AWS Benefits for Slim Customers

Easy Migrations

Slim makes it easy to move container images from one platform to another, and adopt cloud-native tech quickly and securely.

Painless Modernization

Whether you a container expert or just replatforming to cloud-native, Slim makes it easy to get spun up on a new microservices infrastructure in minutes.

Consolidated billing

Purchasing Slim through AWS Marketplace means you can manage your cloud bills all in one place — and qualify for discounts, special programs, and additional perks.

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