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Although relatively new, interest in Slim.AI and SlimToolkit (previously DockerSlim) remains high among container enthusiasts. We are excited to have a growing community that uses these tools to be more efficient and ease common issues that all developers face. Here's what people have been saying about us:

Slim.AI Mentions

**Slim.AI Introduces Beta Software Supply Chain Container Security as a Service__**
**_June 21, 2022
_Discussing the "Four S Approach" including SBOM, signing, slimming, and sharing with John Amaral on.

101 Best Massachusetts Web Development Companies and Startups November 16, 2021
Featured in's list of top Massachusetts startups. We're technically fully remote, but with roots in the Commonwealth, it's a nice validation. For Boston!

Emerging Startups 2021: Top Open Source Startups October 1, 2021
Slim.AI was named to the "Minicorn" category alongside some awesome open-source–driven companies (Buoyant,, and Julia, to name a few).

**Slim.AI Adds Cloud-Native All Stars To Its Advisory Board__ August 24, 2021 - Monika Chauhan
Famed DevOps video interview service TFiR covered the announcement of the Slim.AI advisory board.

Container Best Practices: What They Are and Why You Should Care
August 18, 2021 - Pieter van Noordennen, The New Stack Slim.AI Senior Director of Growth summarized what we've heard from engineering teams about the need for container best practices at scale.

Interview: Slim.AI CEO John Amaral speaks with Chris Chinchilla
May 14, 2021 - The Squeak Podcast Popular tech journalist Chris Chinilla interviews Slim.AI CEO John Amaral about developer tools, containers, and the work being done by Slim.AI to make cloud-native development more efficient. Is Making It Easier for Developers to Work With Software Containers
January 24, 2021 – Truic Startup Savant – Elijah Labby With containers still being relatively new, there are a lot of modifications to be made in order to be more efficient and effective. Technology journalist, Elijah Labby, discusses the potential for Slim.AI and the growing container market. Applies AI to Optimize Containers Before Being Deployed
January 13, 2021 – Container Journal – Mike Vizard IT journalist Mike Vizard, discusses the system behind that creates, builds, deploys, and runs containers to be 10 to 30 times smaller than the original container.

Founded by the DockerSlim Creator, Launches to Help Developers Deliver Containerized Applications Faster with $6.6 Million in Seed Funding
January 12, 2021 – Intrado GlobeNewswire - Amber Rowland Intrado GlobeNewswire reposted Why We Founded Slim.AI blog post which discusses the core beliefs behind the organization, features of the new product, and thoughts from the investors who gave life to the Slim community. announces $6.6M seed to build container DevOps platform
January 12, 2021 – TechCrunch – Ron Miller Co-founder and CTO Kyle Quest discusses why he invented Slim: giving developers power with Slim tools. This article walks us through the thought process of the founders and investors who made this company possible!

DockerSlim Mentions

Docker optimization guide: 8 tricks to optimize your Docker image size
February 2, 2022 – AugmentedMind – Marius Details regarding several tricks that you can apply at build-time, to reduce the size of your Docker images, including the use of a small base image, multi-stage builds, consolidation of RUN statements, avoiding separate chown commands, or using the tool DockerSlim.

Integrating DockerSlim container minify step on Cloud Build
March 3, 2022 – Google Cloud Community – Márton Kodok Márton shares specific examples and tips on how to integrate DockerSlim into Cloud Build as a minify step. The created slim container is smaller, it’s stripped of unnecessary things, more secure as reduces the available attack surface.

DockerSlim to Minify, Optimize, and Secure Docker Container in Linux June 28, 2021 – LinuxWays – Karim Buzdar Are your Docker Containers too large to upgrade and start the container? IT Engineer, Karim Buzdar, provides a guide on how to install DockerSlim to minify and run a container through the platform.

****Hands-On: streamline Docker Images with DockerSlim - The Squeak Podcast____**
**June 14, 2021 - Chris Chinchilla Chris does a cold start exploration of the DockerSlim open source project, and successfully xrays and minifies a few sample images using the DockerSlim examples library.

Tiny and Fast Docker image for Rust Application
June 14, 2021 – Azzamsa Struggling with a large image and a long build time? This article gives instructions on how to produce a small image with a fast build time using DockerSlim.

**Sandboxing Docker Containers__**
**March 1, 2021 - Chris Parkerson, Adobe Security Team Parkerson describes best practices around securing your containers and keeping them in isolation. He describes how to keep track of CVEs and notes: "This can be done with the help of DockerSlim ( that auto-generates seccomp profiles."

How To Minify, Optimize, and Secure Docker Containers using DockerSlim
April 21, 2021 – Computing for Geeks – Victor Shamallah Systems engineer Victor Shamallah uses DockerSlim to minify, optimize, and secure docker containers up to 30 times. Shamallah provides the reader with tips on how to reduce an image from 133MB to 11MB.

5 Docker Utilities You Should Know
May 26, 2017 – Dzone – Shekhar Gulati With Docker being an active open source platform, it is hard for users to stay up to date with new utilities. This article dissects 5 useful Docker utilities that Gulati finds most useful.

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