Slim joins AWS Global Startup Program as a Verified Partner

Pieter van Noordennen
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Slim has joined the AWS Partner Network’s famed Global Startup Program as a Verified partner.  

This is great news for our customers who are running on AWS, as they can operate with confidence that the Slim platform will integrate seamlessly with other AWS services they are using.

Our Verified status means Slim has passed several foundational technical and business reviews guaranteeing that Slim’s software meets AWS’s rigorous standards.

Customers can now sign up for a free trial of the Slim platform access through the AWS Marketplace and integrate directly with AWS Elastic Container Registry to begin security of their container images.

“We’ve had a relationship with AWS from the very early days of starting the company, and we’re excited to see it formalized in this designation,” said CEO John Amaral. “Through products like ECR, ECS, and EKS, AWS has helped thousands of startups scale their cloud native businesses, and we’re here to help them secure those applications.”

Customers can also take advantage of special programs and offerings that could earn their teams AWS credits when they sign up for the Slim solution. (Ask your local AWS account rep to see if you qualify.)

The process to earn AWS Verified status required Slim to undergo a Foundational Technical Review (FTR) in which we adopted AWS security and technical best practices that are key to customer success. Technical capabilities were assessed in areas such as security, domain expertise, and risk mitigation.

Customer-facing capabilities like project management, solution implementation, and outcome assessment were also evaluated. This foundation and verification will serve to establish scalable mechanisms within AWS and make the Slim solution easy to find through various AWS channels, and we’re now in the process of briefing sales and solutions teams on the value Slim can bring to their customers.

But we’re not stopping here. We’re already working with various teams on new and novel ways to migrate to containers securely, and actively working on achieving Competencies that will further deepen our integrations on behalf of customers.  

Additionally, we’ll be attending AWS Re:Invent for the first time as a company this November. Keep an eye out for more announcements on what we’re planning there, and come stop by Booth #1265 in the security zone to say hello.

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